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Hi I’m Martin Oguzie, welcome to my channel “Martin’s Eye Tips”; and it’s the perfect place to get general answers to your common eye care questions.

I graduated as an optometrist back in 2000, right here in the united kingdom where I work and live. In that time I’ve worked in a whole range of optical practices, I’ve gone back to university to advance my studies with specialist postgraduate training in the co-management of cataract, low vision and ageing and ocular therapeutics.

I’ve also owned and operated my own practices in the UK over the years and in 2012 I authored the book ‘Eye KNow’ to answer the questions that I knew many people have about their eyes. Despite a career spanning 20 years, I’m still very much fascinated by the human eye and the amazing processes behind of how we’re able to see.


Martin Oguzie



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